Sue ~ Qld


Im thinking I might actually have a nice xmas this year for the first time in 20 years if my pain stays at this level or better.

My chiropractor was surprised yesterday when he only had to adjust 1 bone in my back as well as adjust my neck. This is very good for me as any allergy that I have plays havoc with my spine and i usually need 3 or 4 bones adjusted in my spine. Even the one bone in my spine needing adjustment was only out a small amount .

Also my headaches seem to be less intense just over the last 3 or 4 days.

I have only been taking Pure Colostrum for 31 days, so it hasnt been very long and my leaky gut is quite severe according to the tests. I have no idea if the colostrum has anything to do with it but Im not doing anything else different so I suspect that it is.

This is actually the best Ive felt in years right now.

I still have a headache but the intensity is much less.

I have also noticed I have an increase in energy.

I am now taking 1 large scoop morning and night after gradually building up to that over the last month.

Sue - Qld