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Holistic Skin Treatment

Over the years, we’ve all often heard about ‘holistic care’; this can apply to Skin Treatment too. So Holistic Skin Treatment.

Do you know anyone who is spending money on skin care/cosmetic products, and not really getting the results they expect? So on a cost benefit analysis, what is being spent just isn’t really worth it. Anyone you know who has a bottom draw in their bathroom vanity, full of old cosmetic products?


3 Treatment Products + pure High Peptide Colostrum becomes Holistic Skin Treatment. How long does each one last? Depends on daily usage of course.

As a guide; the Treatment Bar, 1-3 months, the Renewal Cream about 2 months and the Mask,  if 13 weekly applications = 3 months.   

Cost;   Bar $49.95 – so if 2 months =$0.85 cents/day.

           Cream $85.95 – if 2 months = $1.43/day.

           Mask $47.96 = $3.69/application.

Daily total say about $2.30 + Mask whenever.

Immediate benefits; healthy skin, and a saving in cosmetics (usually reduced need), and time used to cleanse, ex-foliate, tone and apply “dry/oily” skin creams. Reduced toxic load on your body, especially if showering with Treatment Bar; no shampoo nor soap needed.

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Lactose Intolerance

Hi Friends, another enquiry last week re lactose intolerance. Here's a quote from the Chief Scientist Institute of Colostrum Research in Auckland:

"Further studies have confirmed these results.... (ie detailed previously see Peptide Immunotherapy, Colostrum - a Physician's Reference Guide by Dr Andrew Keech PhD - the chapter titled Lactose Intolerance, Dairy Products, and Colostrum, by Michail Borissenko Pps 253-257).....and established the fact that almost everyone, including individuals who are lactose intolerant, can easily tolerate up to 12 gms of colostrum per day without any negative side effects or symptoms".

Only 5 gms/day of pure high peptide colostrum is needed for a maintenence dose. We can't guarantee anything, nor are we diagnosing/prescribing...however the science is very encouraging. The reader should always seek appropriate professional advice too.

Like us, you'll want to see what the experts have to since you are already in our site, we suggest you go to Videos there on the Home Page, and look at those featuring Dr Andrew Keech, and Prof Raymond Playford Gastroenterologist.

So maybe for you...a new Day Dawning? the wonderful Brisbane Australia Dawn photo on the home page suggests.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, and High Peptide Colostrum

Hi Friends - Any football fans out there?
Article in Coffs Coast Advocate 22 Jun 2016 titled "Bird Beats Arthritis to Debut in Origin II". 21yr old Jack Bird was virtually crippled by Rheumatoid Arthritis; but his Club, Cronulla, has enough faith in him to have "forked out $26,000 a yr to cover his medical costs". So he was able to run out into Suncrop Stadium that night. Wow; that's committment.
Would pure high peptide colostrum help in these cases? Seems so: Dr Andrew Keech PhD in "Peptide Immunotherapy" p169 states: "Th1-dominant states are generally helped by PRP's"; (proline-rich polypeptides, naturally part of colostrum). "Many of them, such as rheumatoid arthritis, MS, and Crohn's disease are thought to be caused by an infection or reaction to a pathogen. If the TH1 response is an inadequate attempt of the immune system to fight off a microbe, the PRP's would augment that process and be effective in certain cases. Clinically, this is seen in certain cases, e.g. Crohn's Disease, MS, and chronic Lyme Disease, where PRP's help a TH1-dominant condition".
See elsewhere on this site for information - and always heed the advice of your qualified health care professional; this is information only, and the reader should do their own due diligence.

Sugar in my coffee?

Sugar in my coffee?

Hi Friends: we've just been enjoying a coffee at Latitude 30, at Coffs Harbour north breakwater - with the most wonderful ocean and Solitary Islands views, and NW to the hills above Coffs. So to sugar. Latitude 30 has sugar at the table of course - plus the green "natVia" sachets. Have you seen them too?

Natvia comes from organic Stevia plants - and is healthy!! White sugar isn't. To quote Dr Patrich Quillan PhD; "Cancer cells are obligate sugar metabolisers"...they feed on sugar; and like the infamous high fructose corn syrup, block the signals in our brains that say....Stop Eating. You can buy natVia in stores like Coles. Another post follows shorthy. So - enjoy the coffee, guilt-free!

Published in FB 1 August 2016.

Coeliac Disease

Coeliac Disease...."is a disease of chronic inflammation in the small intestine (impairing absorption of nutrients) and can occur in a variety of other organs in the body". (Quote from Bupa leaflet dated April 2016, which is available in doctors' reception areas). Other areas in the body that Coeliac Disease can effect include: the reproductive tract, liver, thyroid system, joints and bones, pancreas and even the nervous system.

So can pure high peptide colostrum assist the body to heal? The science indicates a positive yes. How? Firstly - pure high peptide colostrum is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and secondly, it also heals the gut and bowel which is vital because poor absorption of nutrients can also lead to problems like anemia and vitamin deficiencies. And complications may result from "an abnormal immune response caused by gluten". Again - malabsorption of nutrients is mentioned.

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What are Immunoglobulins?

  Hi there,

We often are asked a question about Immunoglobulins, which are also called Antibodies; and why are they important?

The best description I’ve seen is in a medical textbook “Peptide Immunotherapy, A Physicians Reference Guide to Colostrum”, by Dr Andrew Keech PhD.

See if this helps you too.

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Flu Viruses et al:

  Flu viruses, any virus! Who wants to get the flu? No-one I know. This Comment added Tuesday 8th September 2015: information just received from Brisbane.......
Health authorities there are very concerned about the number of patients presenting showing infection by the B Strain influenza virus. There are saying that there are no medical answers yet to dealing with this virus, which is not effected by any of the current flu vaccines. However - science has proven that high peptide pure Colostrum is equipping the body's Immune system to effectively fight this virus. And we have anecdotal evidence to support this.

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  In 1995, a group of 8 scientists published a Paper in the British Journal of Cancer. Their Research proved that human malignancies could be made more sensitive to drugs by EgF - Epidermal Growth Factor - which occurs naturally in Colostrum. Cancers which became more sensitised in the presence of EgF include: cancers of the pancreas, prostate, ovarian, neck, colon, head and non-small-cell-lung cancer.

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Pure Colostrum "re-discovered"


More and more health care practioners are hearing about bovine colostrum. High peptide pure colostrum, available as a Supplement - so Registered in Australia with the Therapeutic Goods Administration - optimises the immune systems of both healthy and chronically ill individuals.
Over the last 25+ years or so, more than 6000 research papers have been published strongly supportive of pure colostrum and its numerous components. 

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Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS)

  So many health issues stem from the inability to maintain a healty gut. Damage is caused by such things as; anti-biotic use, alcohol and coffee and NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs): see list of Causes below. 

As Dr Keech PhD says; Colostrum is an amazing cornucopia of everything we need to maintain a healthy, functional gastrointestinal tract, which is the key to good health. He goes on to say that many diseases have their origins in the gut; such as Auto-immune diseases like MS, Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Many food allergies too are linked back to leaky gut syndrome.

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Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) Article 2

  The health disorder of Leaky Gut Syndrome is very common; it means that the intestinal lining is more permeable than normal - SO - viruses, fungi, bacteria and other toxic material now have access to the blood stream through the abnormally large spaces present between the cells of the gut wall.  Many auto-immune conditions such as Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis...and food allergies too, can be traced back to LGS. NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs), anti-biotics, excessive alcohol and soft drinks are some of the causes.

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Candida Albicans - Thrush.

  In response to a customer enquiring if Colostrum would help deal with a serious Candida infection, I have been advised as follows;

I quote.......

"First let’s just summarise what we are dealing with.

The Candida organism can become capable of causing illness when your body’s ability to contain it proves ineffective and consequently allows the yeast to spread, causing an overgrowth. This can happen either internally or externally, such as on the skin and in and around the oral and vaginal cavities. Many health practitioners agree that internal Candida infection is very common, often left undiagnosed, and possibly the cause of many external infectious Candida conditions.

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So were we!

ARE YOU THINKING...."Yes, but...?"

So did we!


So are we!

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Lifehouse "Truth about Cancer" Videos

Lifehouse is to be congratulated in making these series of videos "The Truth about Cancer" available to a wider audience. No responsibility nor recomendations are implied - the reader is advised to do their own due diligence, and where necessary, seek appropriate professional advice.

Following comments relate to Tuesday evening video sessions over the 6 nights in October and November 2015 starting with - Compromising the Immune System and How to De-tox followed by infomation specific to Cancer, and how pure high Peptide Colostrum may be able to assist in equipping the body to fight this degerative disease and restore cellular health. Links are provided to websites that contain Research References and information. We must rely on the science, not just anecdotal evidence.

Please invest your time in reading these notes - your knowledge and timely support may well save someone's life - even yours!

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Alkaline V Acid


The Following information is taken from on-line conference notes - seminar 17 January 2012.
The guest Doctor was Dr Theodore Barnaby: his theme was; "Alkaline or Die":
(as always we recommend that you discuss your situation with your qualified health care provider).

Key points were:

  • When blood pH is too acidic, there is too much tissue waste in the body.Blood pH needs to be maintained at 7.365 to 7: Diet Coke has a pH of 2.5, and meat 3.5.
  • Every change of 1 point in pH = a +/- 10 times change in acid/alkaline balance: a reading of 7 to 8 = about 10 times more alkaline.
  • So when you are below 7.365 you are deteriorating from the inside out; which means essential minerals are "borrowed" from healthy tissue as the body fights to maintain this balance.Highest pH is at about 2pm; lowest about 2am; many people find that they need to go to the bathroom at about this time to get rid of the acid.
  • There is a book called: "The pH Miracle" by Robert Young.
  • Acid waste is stored in fatty tissues, but not disposed of later.
  • A greater load is placed on the kidneys.
  • Acid interrupts all healthy cell growth.
  • Many symptoms exhibit raised acid levels.
  • Food, polution, stress - all raise acid levels.
  • You can easily alkaline the water you drink: add a 1/2 teaspoon of (aluminium free - that is no extra added) Sodium Bicarbonate to about a 1/2 litre. (We use MacKenzie's - I checked that aluminium level with them and it's very low).
  • We add it to lemon water - so the juice of a lemon added to 1 to 2 litres of water.
  • And we also aim to have about 20% acidic foods/drink to 80% alkaline. Not always possible - but by having more alkaine foods/drinks after acidic ones, the balance can be restored.
  • The big ones to cut out are: white sugar, many take-away foods; and reduce coffee, alcohol and spirits.

*The food chart below is intended as a guide & does not contain all foods but a cross section as an indication only.

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Information provided on this site is for educational use only and is not intended as medical advice.
If you have any serious health concerns you should always check with your health care practitioner before
self-administering remedies. These products are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition.